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At 21 inches and 190 pounds, this is our largest Aqua Heavy Bag. The unique teardrop shape allows you to deliver powerful combinations, including deep uppercuts. Your energy is absorbed, giving you the ability to train harder and longer. Don’t take it easy on this bag – it can handle it and so can you! Seriously, take this water heavy bag on with any hit, or kick combo you can muster up. The commercial-grade, vinyl composition will ensure durability and less wear and tear on your joints. Say goodbye to the underwhelming settling and hard spots you once had to deal with on your traditional heavy bag. This is the “heavy bag of the future!”

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The 21″ Aqua Heavy Bag is Most Popular Choice for Group Boxing Classes

If you are thinking about adding group boxing classes to your club, or improving upon the boxing classes you’ve been holding, this is the best heavy bag for the job. It has more space to work on, giving you and your members endless ways to train and to workout for longer and harder. Your members can throw down uppercuts.. no more pretending or evading the issue. Aqua Heavy Bags are friendly for all levels of boxers; whether total noobs, or those who have a belt at home!

Aqua Heavy Bags swing insanely less than a traditional bag, so you don’t have to worry about heavy bags taking other members out, or disrupting your training sessions. They ship unfilled, saving you on shipping costs. Another perk, they are much safer on knuckles and joints. Though safer, they provide an intense workout. Your gym members don’t have to hold back on their power, they can power hit all class long.

If you are looking for multiple bags for your gym or workout room, check out our discounted 4 pack sets.

Additional Items Included

  • Shackle
  • Hose-Filling Nozzle
  • Extra Stopper

Heavy Bag Specifications

  • Filled Weight: 190 lbs. / 86 kgs.
  • Shipping Weight: 15 lbs. / 6.8 kgs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 30″ X 15″ X 11″

Other Attributes

  • UV Resistant: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes, in Rain or Shine
  • Made in the USA: Yes


  • 2-Year Limited Warranty 🙂


7 reviews for 21” 190LBS. AQUA HEAVY BAG

  1. Marge

    We have one of these at the gym I go to. I was curious about how to use it so one of the trainers got me wrapped up and ready. I’m not used to hitting something that was so squishy, for lack of a better word. Looks really great in the gym and probably better for someone who is used to boxing which I’m not.

  2. Jess :)

    WOW! is all i can say. 10x better than the stuffed heavy bags. It’s also easy enough for me to move between my gym and my house. I’m probably going to order another one because you can punch these things hard as you want and feel like you’re punching Billy from down the street. Would recommend a good hanging system- I used my own so I dont know how well the one that is sold on here works.

  3. Jeremey

    Classic black killing it in the gym! Practicing my kicks and I can really see an improvement in how hard i hit . the only bad part about this bag is just how huge it is. took me and a friend to get everything set up. after that it’s been smooth sailing.

  4. Mike D.

    Best bag for the money.. better than traditional bags because it doesn’t hurt your hands as much. I’m putting several in my gym for my guys to work with.

  5. Armando Israrl Bañuelos Macias


  6. Jose A Garcia

    My wife and I love this bag she is Emily La Kobrita Garcia presently 2-0 with one ko

  7. Ken G.

    I’ve been waiting for this. I ordered the 9 in. bag last year and it was an incredible experience. I couldn’t wait to order and get my 21 in. bag, and it didn’t disappoint. The bag gave me an incredible work out. The combinations you can practice, the power punches you can throw, and the bag just responds great. I highly recommend this bag.

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Proposition 65 – WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Whether you’re a fitness beginner or looking to take your workout to the next level, Aqua Training Bags can get you there. Filled with H20 and covered by a high-quality commercial grade, vinyl skin,  Aqua Training Bags can take anything you throw at them – literally. Try one and find out how the Aqua Training Bag can transform your workout starting from day one.

Why US?

Listen…we know that you use Heavy Bags & Upper Cut Bags to practice your power punching combinations.

The materials used to create our aqua products were developed by one of the oldest and well respected manufacturing company in the USA.

We know our heavy bags are incredibly durable and we will back it with a 60 day return policy and 2 year warranty.

Did you know? Our bags are created by one of the oldest and well-respected manufacturing companies in the USA. We know our bags are incredibly durable and can withstand even the most impressive combos, so that’s why we back it with a 2 year warranty.

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