18 Inch AQUA PUNCHING BAG – 120 lbs

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Are you ready to break loose on our second-largest teardrop shaped Aqua Punching Bag? At 18 inches and 120 pounds, you don’t have to hold back on jabs, hooks, crosses, uppercuts or whatever else you have up your sleeve like you would a traditional shaped punching bag. Throw down any combos and be sure to add kicks for an all-encompassing workout! Best for fitness and fight training; beginners and pros.

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18 inch Punching Bag Provides an All-Encompassing Workout

The 18 inch Punching Bag’s unique teardrop shape, teamed up with the water filling and the commercial-grade, vinyl shell provides a sensation similar to hitting a human body, seriously. The composition makes it much more safe on your joints as it absorbs your punches, giving you the ability to hit harder and train longer. This punching bag was designed to take anything you throw at it. Are you up for the challenge?

The 18″ Aqua Punching Bag is safe for all levels; beginners and pros. It is a stellar option for both fighters in training and those who are looking to add to their fitness arsenal.  Boxing is a primo option for full body sweat sessions! Not to mention how fun and de-stressing it can be. The Aqua Punching Bag is a better option for both of these areas as they provide a much more comfortable hit than a traditional heavy bag, without taking anything away from your workout. In fact, it adds to it. It adds positive resistance while it absorbs your hits and kicks. You can hit stronger and longer. Make no mistake though, you will still needs boxing gloves! Bare knuckles are definitely not recommended.

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Items Included with Every Aqua Punching Bag

  • Shackle
  • Hose-Filling Nozzle
  • Extra Stopper

18 inch Punching Bag Specifications

  • Filled Weight: 120 lbs. / 54.4 kgs.
  • Shipping Weight: 12 lbs. / 5.4 kgs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 30″ X 15″ X 11″’
  • Hanging Kit is Not Included

Other Attributes

  • UV Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Safe for Outdoor Use in Rain or Shine
  • Made in the USA


  • 2-Year Limited Warranty



6 reviews for 18 Inch AQUA PUNCHING BAG – 120 lbs

  1. Shaun F

    loved the bag looked really classy in my gym.., be sure to use gloves because its pretty painful without them

  2. Jon

    HUGE bag! easy to hit and kick though. Great for getting up under to hit and work the angles. Wish you had a few more colors although this one was fine

  3. Michael

    No B.S the best bag I’ve ever hit. Better than the typical body snatcher bag that will hurt your hands and eventually crack and tear. This bag has a little recoil if your not used to hitting water bags and stands up to all types punishment. Yes even baseball bats. I have a 120lb in my basement and a 190lb at the gym. Excellent bags !!!

  4. Kirk

    This is a great bag. Love the feel and how much kinder on the joints in my hands, wrist and elbows. The tear shape and how the bag absorbs the punch allows you to throw all combos with uppercut. I will never hit a regular heavy bag again.

  5. Derrick Felder

    Very good bag to use

  6. Jeff

    Very durable heavy bag that can take a pounding. After first pounding workout I do not have the soreness that regular heavy bags give you.
    I am extremely pleased that I purchased this bag after selling heavy gel bag, wrecking bag and uppercut/heavy bag.

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Proposition 65 – WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Why US?

Listen…we know that you use Heavy Bags & Upper Cut Bags to practice your power punching combinations.

The materials used to create our aqua products were developed by one of the oldest and well respected manufacturing company in the USA.

We know our heavy bags are incredibly durable and we will back it with a 60 day return policy and 2 year warranty.

Did you know? Our bags are created by one of the oldest and well-respected manufacturing companies in the USA. We know our bags are incredibly durable and can withstand even the most impressive combos, so that’s why we back it with a 2 year warranty.

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