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Aqua Training Bag Heavy Bag Bad Boy Blue AP190BBIn 2013, a mission to create the perfect MMA and boxing heavy bag was launched. A trainer, a boxer, and a boxing gym owner came together to create a low impact, durable, long-lasting heavy bag that wouldn’t wreak havoc on fighters and athlete’s bodies. Traditional heavy bags can put a lot of pressure and strain on the body. Training with a traditional heavy bag regularly can cause some serious damage to the hands, wrists, elbows, back and neck due to the repeated impact and subsequent compression that is put on the body due to the bag’s poor shock absorption.

The fix? Create a better punching bag. Aqua Training Bag® harnesses the power of water through simplicity and innovation. By utilizing water, in place of sand or other materials commonly used to fill heavy bags, we were able to create the ideal training tool. The commercial grade outer skin, is tough enough to withstand professional-level strikes and kicks, while the flexible water filled center absorbs your exerted kinetic energy, resulting in less pain, fewer injuries, increased endurance, and more efficient training.

Designed to mimic the feel of a human body, the Aqua Training Bag’s buoyancy takes cue from the human form, which is composed of 60% water itself, resulting in a more realistic feel during training. High profile coaches, gyms, and novice and professional fighters now use the Aqua Training Bag® to build endurance, coordination, and body strength, resulting in tournament wins, championship victories, and overall to get into their peak physical shape. You’ll be amazed when you feel the difference after throwing that first punch on your water-filled bag and wonder why you were ever using a hard, outdated, traditional bag in the first place.

4-Pack Training Bag Assortment

The Aqua Training Bag® is made in multiple models, which range in size, shape, color and weight (as well as custom orders to match team or gym logos and color schemes). The bag is also super easy to travel with, as it can be filled with water from the tap in less than five minutes, and drained just as easily to take wherever your training may take you.

Our bags are created by one of the oldest and most respected manufacturing companies in the USA and crafted in Gloversville, NY. We are positive that once you try the Aqua Training Bag®, you’ll never go back to a traditional heavy bag again.

If for some reason you aren’t in love with your bag, we back every product with a 60-day money-back guarantee. We know our bags are insanely durable and can withstand even the most powerful combos you can throw, so every bag also comes with a 2-year warranty. So take your training to the next level, build that muscle, burn those calories and get into fighting shape with the highest quality training bag out there, and start training with our innovative Aqua Training Bag®!

Did you know? Our bags are created by one of the oldest and well-respected manufacturing companies in the USA. We know our bags are incredibly durable and can withstand even the most impressive combos, so that’s why we back it with a 2 year warranty.

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