If you’re the type of person who prides themselves on being “in the loop” when it comes to fitness trends, then you’ve most definitely heard of high-intensity interval training or HIIT. It’s been lauded as the solution to the modern time crunch that our busy work/life schedules create; it can be easy to simply run out of time to get your daily workout in, and a 20 to 30 minute workout that claims to deliver all the gains and benefits of a 50 minute workout sounds like the perfect solution. But does the HIIT trend actually deliver results?

What Is HIIT?

We’ve already broken down the acronym, but the words “high-intensity interval training” don’t exactly give you all of the information that you need to get started. So, before we get into how HIIT can make your workout better, let’s talk a bit about what HIIT actually is. The basic idea is this: you do a high-intensity workout interval that gets your heart rate really pumping for somewhere between 1 and 5 minutes, and then take either a 4-minute break, either stopping your routine entirely or doing a period of low-intensity workout to let your heart rate go back down. You keep doing this for the duration of your workout, creating a cycle of rev up and cool down for your heart rate and as it turns out, there is significant evidence that HIIT has a number of benefits, both for strength training, weight loss, and other health benefits.

Building Muscle

If you’re in training mode and are trying to build up muscle quickly, using HIIT can allow for faster results, because of something called the “afterburn effect”. Because of the overall higher elevation of heart rate that occurs following a HIIT workout compared to a more conventional workout, your metabolism is kick-started, which means that even after your workout is done, you continue burning off energy (AKA calories).

Because more muscle means a higher resting metabolism, this means that training in high-intervals will progressively build lean muscle, which will build endurance. In other words, you’ll be able to fall into a cycle of burning fat, building muscle, and actually having better, more efficient workouts. Why would this make your workouts better? Well…

It Improves Cardio Health

HIIT is great for aerobic fitness, which on the whole is great for heart health; becoming more aerobically fit allows your heart to pump blood better. So what does that mean? Well, it means that you’re not only able to see the health benefits typically seen from longer workouts using a short-duration workout, it also means that you’ll be able to do more active things- whether it’s training or less formal exercises- for a longer duration. Better heart health means better workouts and better overall health.

Weight Loss

While the HIIT method doesn’t directly mean burning more calories, it does allow you to fit a good workout into a busy schedule; it’s a lot easier to squeeze in a 20-minute workout than it is to squeeze in a 50 minute one. By ultimately reducing the time constraints that a healthy workout has conventionally had in the past, HIIT also makes consistently working out more realistic and accessible. It’s a routine that fits into your schedule, not a routine you have to build your schedule around. Life is fast paced–shouldn’t your workout be too?

You can see why high-intensity interval training has become so popular: it has a ton of benefits whether you’re looking to train for a professional fight or are just looking to get in better shape and improve your health. In these ways, it’s a lot like the Aqua Training Bag. We’ve talked about all of the different uses that our punching bag has, and whether you’re using the bag to train for a fight or just to stay fit, we can’t think of a product that pairs better with HIIT training. Think about it like this: if you’re going to use the most modern workout routine, shouldn’t you also be using the most modern gear? That sounds like doubling down, and when it comes to your workout, you want to get the most out of it that you possibly can. So, what are you waiting for?

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